Starting off

Island Frontier

The night is black. Whistling wind howls accross the rocky decks of 'Chaba's Spear', a vast ocean liner of Boatling craftmanship. A roaring burst of spume splashes high over the masts. Chaos. Screaming. The storm is getting worse.

The Chaba's Spear set out for the lands of Esterhelm, far across the Sea of Swords. Within it's cabins rested the strongest of noble leaders from Ambassadors of Retingale to the Merchants of the Golden Delta. Their hoards of followers set out to aid them in their tasks, awaiting the new lands when they would reach them. However, the Gods were against them all.

Within the third week of the journey the storms began. The Boatling crew worked hard to fight the dark seas, to no avail. Nature has no mercy and so now, upon sighting the Herid's Point island in the distance, many of the crew realised it was their only hope.

So chaos goes on. Rain thunders into the mountainous walls of water before they crash into the huge vessel. Women and men are tossed into the vast blackness. Is it water or is it night? Inky blackness. Cold inky blackness.

A crack of white splits the air. It is bright. Sillohouetted trees. A beach. Thunder booms as all returns to darkness. There is a crunching and wrenching. The boat begins to sink. Your followers urge you to follow them. They tumble you into their life boat and row hard into the threatening shores. All around you the boats are sailing into the distance. Soon you will be safe.

You wake early in the morning. Your followers are readying a meal on the beach. You shall march into the island tomorrow and set up a camp. You had enemies on that vessel who are no doubt doing the same. You best prepare to defend yourself. Who knows what evils lurk among the eerie shadows of Herid's Point.

As your fort is built, you look to the setting sun. You are alone now. No laws or ethics defend you. Just your proud allies and your noble courage. You stand upon the hill top and glance to the ruins of your vessel smashed accross the beach. There is nothing here of the old life. There is no luxury now. You have arrived on the borders of civilisation. You have arrived on the Island Frontier....




The game begins while you are on the vessel. It allows you to gain contacts or learn information about your enemies. Use the initial order sheet to set up your actions for the first turn. All turns after this will allow you to expand your resources, build new constructions, develope new units and gain new territories.

Initially read the Rules section and then create a character in the Order section. The rules will cover the basics and beyond and also deals with character creation, so be sure to give them a once over if you have the time.

The progress of the island can be watched on the map of Herid's Point. Also, in the future, you will gain contacts and will be fortunate enough to be able to set up alliances against mutual enemies. Rules for diplomacy such as this are very important to undertsand.

In fact, it would be best to have a read of the rules before you decide to play. If you can't undertsand anything, email me.

That's it. The game is finally ready. It's been a long haul but I hope it has been worth it. I look forward to hearing from you. See you online!top

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