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Welcometextto Campaign Games.

This site is dedicated to those out there who enjoy RPG and PBM games. I have tried my utmost to create a site which both enlightens others about my game world (I hope you like it), and which will provide fellow gamers with contacts all over the world.

However, as Yoda once said... "No, try not. Do, or do not... There is no Try", and if you feel that I havent quite cut the biscuit in Web design or RPG know how, then give me a buzz and tell me your thoughtstop.




I Have Roleplayed now for nearly 14 years and still, I cant see myself ever quitting the stigmatic hobby. I rarely play anymore, preffering the egotistical boost of the Gming career, and this has lead me to nights of thinking, pondering and turning over new ideas and ploys. For some odd reason it lead me to this Website.

Having little or no skill in HTML I didnt really hope to create a site worthy of public viewing, so I ventured to Excite communities whereupon I found the chance to host a web site; providing for other roleplayers and meeting new gamers from all over the world. I couldnt quite believe it when more than a hundred members had joined. I started to get the impression that maybe there are more of us than I had expected!

Immediately, I began to work on a game world called Grit. I had just began a campaign with my friends and so I felt an urge to create a game world for them. This was the result. It started to get kind of complex after the gods were put into it so I thought I should catalogue everything onto the computer. Eventually, the text became so enormous I realised I had something that I could put onto the internet.top So, here it is... The wonderful world of Grit and some maps to keep you going.


Other than that, there isn't that much that I can offer you, except, in time, Im hoping to start up a PBeM called The Island Frontier which should be quite enjoyable. Its a strategic game encouraging inter-player relations. If all goes well, it should be running by July '99.

If youre interested in joining, there'll be rules and background posted up for you as soon as I get the chance. But for now, remain calm; theres plenty of other great games out there.

Im still accepting members to my Online Gamers Roleplaying community, so, if youre a true gamer, please come and have a look.top


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